OUR MISSION...Foster the sport of lacrosse in a safe, fun, enthusiastic, and competitive environment to all interested boys grades 3-12 in the footprint serving Sammamish and Interlake High Schools.

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New mask type approved for use.
by posted 03/23/2021

GELL has approved the use of a new mask type that attaches directly to the helmet.
  • Masks must be fabric and cover the nose and mouth
  • This type of mask is offset from the face and make breathing much easier
  • These masks stay put and won’t distract the player
Mask models available:
Players who use this new mask type must also have a separate cloth face covering for use when they are not wearing their helmet.
Updated on GELL 3/19/21
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Scorekeeper Training, Sunday March 14
by posted 03/04/2021

Example of scoring table

Every lacrosse team needs volunteers for their table crew; the spotter, scorekeeper, and timer. The roles are easy once you learn them. Parents are encouraged to attend the GELL Scorekeeper Training. Learn how to score a boys lacrosse game at your convenience with this video.

Follow the Table Crew Responsibilities as determined by each field. LINK TO FIELD PAGE

Link to GELL Scorekeeper Training

Learn the rules, refresh your memory with this youtube video.



Table Crew Responsibilities

The home team’s program has designated the table crew policy for each of their home fields. This policy is also published on the respective field page on the GELL website. LINK TO FIELD PAGE

  • The permitted table crew members are determined by the policy set by the home team’s Program Director (Basic, Limited, or Full).

    Basic: Table Crew is limited to two (2) people from the home team; one (1) timer\spotter, and one (1) scorekeeper. To maintain social distancing, they should sit at opposite ends of a table of at least 6’.

    Limited: Table Crew is limited to three (3) people from the home team; one timer, one scorekeeper, and one spotter. To maintain social distancing, the timer and scorekeeper should sit at opposite ends of a table of at least 6’. The spotter should be standing off to the side about 6’ away.

    Full: Table Crew limited to 5 people; one (1) timer (home), two (2) scorekeepers (1 home and 1 away), and two spotters (1 home and 1 away). If designated “Full”, the home team must supply 12’ of table space (typically two 6’ tables). If tent(s) are used, they must cover all table(s).

  • All table crew must to wear a face covering before, during, and after all games.

  • The home team will have hand sanitizer available for the table crew.

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GELL Protocols
by posted 03/04/2021

Greater Eastside Lacrosse League

GELL Return to Play Protocols (v6, 3/11/21) UPDATED Click headline to download.

On March 11th, 2021, the GELL Directors approved v6 of the GELL Return to Play Protocol. This version added additional information for table crews. All GELL member and guest programs will be communicating the protocol to their boards, coaches, and families for implementation at all GELL games and events.

GELL “Play For” Rule Language Clarified to align with precedent  (03/04/2021)

GELL Rules are periodically updated when the language needs clarification to align with precedent. In this case, the language of GELL rule V was updated to provide needed clarification based on the consistent outcomes of similar waiver requests received.
Over the past few years, GELL has seen an increase in waiver requests from the families of players who attend a school that has a lacrosse program affiliated with a neighboring league that, for various reasons, in a given year, does not field a team either in a given division or in any division. A small subset of these families have submitted waiver requests to GELL requesting to join a GELL team based on their residence address. The GELL has consistently denied these waivers.
The language of the GELL "Play For" rule V was updated to provide clarification that reflects the consistent rulings for this type of waiver request. The rules amended are V.2.c and V.5. The 2021 GELL Rules can be found in the GELL Documents Folder.


GELL “One Team In-Season” Rule (adopted by vote of 14-1-2 on 10/12/2017)

Youth players (grades 3-8) within all GELL member programs may only play for one team during the GELL spring season. The start date for playing for one team only is the Saturday of President’s Day weekend and the end date is the end of day Monday of Memorial Day weekend. The prohibition includes practices, tryouts, and games of lacrosse. Only lacrosse activities are prohibited.

Any GELL program with a player who violates this rule will be subject to a financial penalty and possible sanctions to be determined by the executive board.

Intra-program swinging of players, as specified in section IV rule 4, is allowed.

This rule does not apply during the optional fall ball season.

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Lacrosse Training Curriculum
by posted 02/26/2021

Lacrosse Athlete Development Model

Lacrosse Athlete Development Model

Sammamish-Interlake follows the Lacrosse Athlete Development Model as detemined by US Lacrosse.

The current youth lacrosse development model rushes to identify the best players at early ages, and leaves potential players behind with limited opportunity to play. The LADM aim is to keep more players engaged with the sport longer, allowing the best players to emerge as they reach physical maturity.

For a complete guide visit uslacrosse.org

Educate yourself on the Player Development curriculum we follow by stage and/or age

Stage 3 (ages 7-10)

Stage 3-4 (ages 9-12)

Stage 4 (ages 12-14)

Stage 5 (ages 15-18)

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Off-Season Opportunities
by posted 01/22/2021


Sammamish-Interlake lacrosse does not endorse one program over another. We are simply spreading the word about off-season alternative lacrosse options



Egg and Spoon Lacrosse

"Egg and Spoon Lacrosse camps is for players of all positions and skill levels to have an opportunity to learn from some of the best coaches and players in the Northwest.  Many E&S coaches were former campers themselves, who have gone onto or currently play at the Division 1, 2, and 3 College levels.

  • For current players in grades 3rd-8th
  • Improve your game and build confidence
  • Bring your friends and meet new friends

We believe if kids have fun and love the game, they will continue the learning process in their own backyards.  Egg and Spoon teaches lacrosse players of ALL positions to take their game beyond the next level."

This years offerings

  • Seattle, Judkins Park Dates: June 21st-25th
  • Shoreline, Twin Ponds Dates: June 28th- July 2nd
  • Bainbridge, Bainbridge HS Dates: July 5th-July 9th
  • Northshore - Tentative, North Creek turf fields Dates: July 12th-16th
  • Kirkland, Crestwood Park Dates: July 19th- 23rd

Hours: 9:30- 3pm

Days: Monday- Friday

Cost: $350

**New players welcomed, Loaner gear available**



CitySide Lacrosse

K-5th Grade 
​Date: July 12th - July 15th

6th-8th Grade
Date:  July 26th - July 29th 



Starz Lacrosse

4th-7th Grade
Date: July 13-15th



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