OUR MISSION...Foster the sport of lacrosse in a safe, fun, enthusiastic, and competitive environment to all interested boys grades 3-12 in the footprint serving Sammamish and Interlake High Schools.

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​US Lacrosse Official Rules for Boys Lacrosse


Lacrosse requires specialized equipment. Players must have the following at every practice and game:

• A "crosse" (lacrosse stick & head)

• Lacrosse shoulder pads, elbow pads/arm guards

• Lacrosse gloves

• NOCSAE certified lacrosse helmet

• Mouth guard

• Protective cup

• Throat guard and chest pad (only required for goalies)

Most players wear cleats (no metal please), and some players wear rib pads in addition to the required protective gear.

 ​Click here for details about equipment required for lacrosse


Infographic: A crash course for lacrosse parents new to the game