OUR MISSION...Foster the sport of lacrosse in a safe, fun, enthusiastic, and competitive environment to all interested boys grades 3-12 in the footprint serving Sammamish and Interlake High Schools.

Sponsored By:   King County Parks - Platinum Sponsor
King County Parks - Platinum Sponsor
Vision: Sustainable and livable communities and a clean and healthy natural environment that support a prosperous and resilient economy. Mission: Provide regional parks and trails, protect the region's water, air, land, natural habitats and historic properties, and reduce, safely dispose of and create resources from wastewater and solid waste. Goals: 1. Environment: Minimize waste and emissions, maximize resource re-use and recovery, foster environmental stewardship, promote conservation, and protect and restore habitats, ecological functions and aquatic conditions. 2. People and Communities: Protect and improve human health and safety, foster community-building and healthy living, and preserve and enhance historic properties. 3. Fiscal Responsibility and Economic Vitality: Support King County's prosperity and ensure ratepayer value through effective, efficient and equitable programs. 4. Quality Workforce: Develop and empower our most valuable asset - our employees; build internal capacity for excellence, equity and fairness in service delivery.
Delivery Express - Gold Sponsor - Interlake Lacrosse Transportation Sponsor
Delivery Express is here for you, on call 24 hours a day, to meet your delivery needs in the Pacific Northwest. Sure, we have the entire Seattle area covered, but our couriers are also ready, 24/7, to make your on-time deliveries to Portland, Spokane, Tacoma, Anchorage and all the outlying areas in between. Delivery Express is a philanthropic company that believes strongly in giving back to the community. The employees hired are those who support the Delivery Express rallying cry: "We can do this!" Owner, Dave Hamilton strongly believes that "you need to be able to say 'yes' to customers every time they call."
Smiles of Bellevue - Gold Sponsor
Bellevue Dentist with Your Dental Health in Mind. Smiles of Bellevue is a family dentistry in Bellevue, WA and wants to provide you with a relaxing environment for your dental needs. Our Bellevue dental care services are available for the entire family, so you all can come to one place to get your beautiful smiles bright and clean. Our very own Bellevue dentists, Dr. Todd Lawson, DMD and Dr. Bill Osmunson, and our staff of caring individuals make your dental health their priority.
Plato's Closet - Silver Sponsor
BELLEVUE PLATO'S CLOSET buys and sells clothes that any teen or twenty-something’s would want to wear. We have so many brands to choose from and new items come in everyday. Take the time and check out our "What's Hot" and "Most Wanted" sections to see what we are looking for! Bellevue Plato's is a great place to buy and sell your cool clothes that you no longer wear.